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Highly trained, experience and competent professionals with lots of recommendations .
  • Value in summary

    Fastest, Accuracy, Transparency and Efficiency

  • Project Delivery

    Timely Delivery on Project Executions to Eliminate any Extra Costs

  • Project Report

    Communicate progress on project status to clients periodically.

Really!, Really!!, Really!!!, Looking for a high quality constructor for your project?


  • Structural Drawing

    We draw structures ranging from warehouses, refineries, buildings etc. Our up to date software puts us ahead of our competitors.

  • Steel Fabrication

    We standout among the rest because of our technical know-how, modern tools and equipments, professionalism, and accuracy, which is the key determining factor to our success in this industry.

  • Steel Erection

    Here in Rabbi & Sons, erection is not just a service, its a habit. We have delivered services to hundreds of happy clients including NMS Infracture

  • Trusses

    We are the best in the country when it comes to providing trusses services. if perfection and straightness is what you need then look no further

  • Equipment Installation

    Our company provides installation of heavy duty equipment for industries, hospitals etc. Click the button below to learn more from the experts.

  • Light-Gauge Roof

    Fixing of light-gauge roof is one of our topmost priority. We have engineers with lots of recommendations to undertake the task.

  • Welding

    We are the trusted company in the Ghana other part of the world when it comes to welding. Learn more from one of our clients, NMS Infrastructure.

  • Project Management

    Our experts are highly qualified to run every projects in the giving niche. Because of this, we have never run behind schedule.

We deliver on time & our promise

We are the fastest, affordable, reliable, efficient and most trusted structural engineering company every foreign and local companies would like to sign a deal with.

The First Step

Every Journey begins with a first step. It doesn’t hurt to take a baby step at all.


  • Rabbi & Sons Engineering Ltd.

    Willmar / Nestle Project

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    Prabon / Sivoko Infrastructure

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    Formena Projects - Gh. Gov.

    NMSI / Soland Infrastructure

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    Takoradi Sub-Sea 7 Automotive Workshop

Why Us?

Our experts are top notch and highly qualified. Our relationship with our foreign base partner, the giant of construction works, NMS Infrastruction and our strong professional background and work experiences make us Your ideal choice.

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